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Transas Crane Simulator

The Transas Crane Simulator is designed for crane operator training in both routine and emergency conditions. The simulator provides a realistic and safe learning environment, helping to reduce risk of accidents and decrease training costs.
The Transas Crane Simulator’s high level of physical and behavioral realism allows trainees to practice various crane operations:

    • Crane control and load positioning;
    • Safe handling of various cargo types;
    • Securing cargo and coastal objects against damage;
    • Selecting an optimal trajectory, effective techniques and schemes for cargo transfer;
    • Minimizing the crane load and number of control actions, providing the necessary movement dynamics.


  • An accurate mathematical model is based on real physical properties of equipment. Various physical interactions are considered and displayed: collision, blow, blocking, shaking, friction and others;
  • Weather and other external forces are simulated and affect the model;
  • A state-of-the-art visual system, developed especially for marine simulation with a built-in image correction system;
  • Emergency conditions modeling;
  • Joint vessel loading training.




A PC-based crane cabin mock-up with control panels, joysticks and monitors for displaying the 3D visualization.

  • distance learning;
  • equipment familiarisation;
  • refresher training.


Network Configuration represents several connected PC-based workstations for joint training under instructor supervision.

Full Mission Crane Cabin

  • Designed for utmost physical realism;
  • Provides professional hands-on simulator training, including advanced operation and troubleshooting;
  • Exact replica of a crane cabin interior.