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Training to STCW and Beyond

Conventional training

    • Ship handling;
    • ARPA/Radar;
    • ECDIS;
    • AIS;
    • Bridge Team Management.

Special training

    • Tug and barge handling operations;
    • Offshore operations and DP system usage;
    • Anchor handling;
    • Ice navigation;
    • Search and Rescue operations;
    • Pilot training;
    • High speed craft;
    • Fishing operations;
    • Naval applications;
    • Vessel traffic management for сertification and training of VTS personnel;
    • Research projects for ship modelling, harbour and fairway design.


Navigator competency items related to navigation bridge operations, which can be practiced and assessed using the Navi-Trainer Professional 5000 simulator:

  • Plan and conduct a passage and determine position;
  • Maintain a safe navigational watch;
  • Use radar/ARPA and ECDIS to maintain safety of navigation;
  • Respond to emergencies;
  • Respond to a distress signal at sea;
  • Manoeuvre the ship;
  • Plan a voyage and conduct navigation;
  • Determine position and resultant position fixing accuracy by any means;
  • Determine and allow for compass errors;
  • Coordinate search and rescue operations;
  • Establish watch keeping arrangements and procedures;
  • Maintain safe navigation through the use of information from navigation equipment and systems to assist command decision-making;
  • Maintain the safety of navigation through the use of ECDIS and associated navigation systems to assist command decision making;
  • Manoeuvre and handle a ship in any condition;
  • Operate remote controls of propulsion plant and engineering systems and services.

Training goals define the simulator configuration

Computer-based Training

  • Individual in-house or distance learning;
  • Equipment familiarisation;
  • Knowledge refresher;
  • Self-examination and competence assessment;
  • Onboard training and assessment.

Networked Class

  • Interactive group exercises under instructor supervision.

Full Mission Simulator

  • Final training and certification;
  • Personnel are trained and qualified prior to taking their positions onboard.

Interlinked Navigational and Engine Room Simulators

  • Crew resource management: “whole ship” evolution training, communications between bridge and engineering departments.