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Remote Control Systems

Remote Control Systems :

Our remote control concepts, produced for all types of propulsion systems (CPP and FPP), can be used to control the propeller speed and, in variable-pitch propeller systems, the pitch adjustment. A modular system layout allows each solution to be subtly adjusted to the requirements of its application. A number of control panels are available for different areas (e.g. the engine room, bridge and wing), and several throttle levers are available for the various propulsion systems. Commissioning can be performed by the end user.
System layout
The remote control system is based on the NORISYS 4 automation platform, using the NORISYS 4 CPU as a central control unit in conjunction with additional components for the processing of analogue and digital I/Os. The throttle levers are connected to the central control unit via an additional CANbus (see illustration below). The control unit integrates all relevant functions by means of interfaces to the main control panel, main propulsion system, VDR, gearboxes, etc. Additional standardised interfaces (e.g. MODBUS, Ethernet, etc.) can be used to integrate system expansions, such as our engine order telegraph system, or implement connections to external systems, e.g. an engine monitoring system. In addition, Ethernet allows selected data to be sent over the internet to fleet management for analysis.
For further information on the individual system components, see Automation components. Our experienced support team will be happy to advise you and answer your questions.