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The new generation of our integrated alarm, monitoring and control system (IAMCS) allows us to monitor the operating parameters of shipboard propulsion systems and auxiliary units, as well as configuring control systems for pumps, valves, ventilators and other forms of automation.
NORIMOS is a modular system and can be used as a:
1). a simple data acquisition system
2). an alarm and monitoring system (AMS)
3). a control system (CS)
4).a combination of measurement, alarm, monitoring and control systems (IAMCS)
5). a platform management system (IPMS)
Various system components from the NORIMOS series are combined and configured according to the scope of functions and size of the system as well as to the specific application.
Multi-master principle
The system operates in accordance with the multi-master principle. Each component is part of a subsystem. Each subsystem has equal rights and operates as an independent process unit in the overall system. This ensures continued safe operation of the system even if an individual subsystem should fail.

The I/O componentsequipped with hardware channels are the basis of the modular system. They are available in master and slave variants. Acting as an independent process unit, a master I/O box can execute monitoring and control functions, such as the acquisition and monitoring of measured data from connected sensors or the control of actuators. This can be complemented by several slave I/O boxes, together with which it forms an independent subsystem (CAN node).
Each master I/O box is equipped with firmware. Additional software, such as CAN node specification, channel specification or measured value, deviation tables, PLC logic, etc., allows the system to be programmed in a variety of different ways.

Optional system expansions make it possible to integrate additional functions such as dead man alarm systems, which monitor personnel in normally unattended rooms (e.g. the engine room), or duty alarm systems,which include visualisation and signalling units in accommodation and mess rooms, the messdeck, offices, the bridge and the engine control room.
Communication between the subsystems takes place via an additional CANbus. The individual components communicate with one another via the iBus or kBus. The standardised MODBUS protocol and Ethernet are available as interfaces for connecting to external systems, e.g. a remote controlsystem.
For further information on the individual system components, see Automation components. Our experienced support team will be happy to advise you and answer your questions.