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High Voltage Training Breaker

Transas High Voltage Training Breaker is a high voltage training solution for marine engineering and electrical training. A real hardware high voltage generator breaker cabinet was developed by Transas in partnership with power technology specialist ABB to meet the recently introduced STCW requirements, such as mandatory high voltage training on real equipment. The breaker is compatible with the Transas ERS 5000 TechSim simulators with high and medium voltage systems.

Training Objectives

  • Realistic hands-on training in high voltage switchboard operations
  • Understanding safety as a personal responsibility
  • Electricity and work planning
  • Identification of hazards
  • Emergency procedures and contacts/location of emergency gear
  • Knowledge of circuits/power feeds/emergency shutdown and isolation devices
  • Familiarisation with company protocols
  • Isolation of breakers in ships’ electrical systems
  • Use of high voltage test equipment
  • Use of high voltage Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Definition and identification of circuit condition/energised work conditions
  • Practical assessment of personnel and assignment of work/qualification of a worker.

Equipment Supplied

  • The breaker is compatible with the existing Transas TechSim simulators with high/medium voltage systems.
  • High voltage distribution systems can be used in several ship types:
    • DE Cruise ship
    • Steam Turbine LNG Carrier
    • DE LNG Tanker.
  • The breaker can also be attached to a single PC running TechSim providing a standalone trainer.
  • Breaker Removal Tools
  • Test Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Simulator Interface

The lower part of the breaker comprises a real breaker operated by the simulator electrical system mathematical model. The upper panel contains the instruments and controls for a typical high voltage generator. The controls and instruments are connected to the simulator model via a digital analogue interface.
To simulate LCD type Power Management System controllers, a precisely developed small touch screen display simulates the controller functionality.
The simulator is connected to the breaker using a Wago COTS automation interface which may also be used for automation training. The bus ties and generator breakers are installed in the main switchboard and are normally ‘front loading’ Vacuum Circuit Breakers. The electrical systems are of common design and operate at the following voltages:

  • Up to 6600 v
  • 3 phase
  • 60 hz
  • Generators 3350 to 4000 kw


High Voltage Training Breaker provides:

  • Real ABB Breaker
  • Student operator station
  • Instructor station
  • Large touch screen MIMIC for instruction and demonstration