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Engine Order Telegraph System

Engine Order Telegraph System

Engine order telegraph system

Our engine order telegraph systems are an ideal complement to other means of communication, providing a safe way of transmitting engine orders between the bridge, other control consoles and the engine room or engine control room. We offer various device variants for the bridge, aft bridge and engine room.

System layout

The standard variant of the system consists of a master module for the bridge, an additional master module for the aft bridge, and one slave module each for the engine room and engine control room. Depending on the size of the vessel, additional optional modules for port and starboard can be integrated, as well as extra modules for the engine room. Up to 12 telegraphs can be used in one system.
Engine orders are activated by pressing order buttons. The orders are then transmitted to the other modules via a CANbus. Each device gives off both visual and acoustic signals. For further information on the individual system components, see Automation components - Engine order telegraphs.
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