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e-Tutor 5000 is an advanced evaluation and assessment system designed to automate simulator control and reporting functions, substantially reducing an instructor’s workload.


  • Advanced graphical user interface;
  • Online messages and automated coaching hints;
  • Performance monitor;
  • Rules editor with a Boolean logic flow system;
  • Score time assessment;
  • Faults and actions editor;
  • Automated assessment reporting system;
  • Distance learning data exchange gateway;
  • Embedded electronic registry (trainee and log database).


  • Reduces complicated scenarios control time and manual operations performance;
  • Simultaneously demonstrates the progress and preliminary results of several trainees’ exercise performance;
  • Possibility of using the simulator in self-training mode with automated instructor help messages;
  • Embedded Electronic Registry (trainee and log database);
  • Trainee Performance Monitor: tracks the overall status of multiple sessions ( Detailed Zooming;
  • Embedded questionnaire system and the capability to integrate Computer-Based Training (MM files).

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