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About Project:

Simrad HALO-3 Pulse Compression Radar


Combining the best characteristics of traditional pulse and FMCW broadband radar systems, Simrad Halo™ Radar uses Pulse Compression technology to provide an unprecedented mix of long and short detection range, high target definition, and minimal clutter in an affordable package for commercial operators. Solid State technology means minimal warm-up time and maximum ocean-going reliability, while compliance with upcoming Low Emission standards makes Halo Radar safe to run in ports and harbours.

  • True 48nm range with 3-foot open array antenna
  • Beam Sharpening with Target Separation Control
  • Compatible exclusively with Simrad NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 multifunction displays
  • Dual Range operation
  • Advanced signal processing with Custom, Harbour, Offshore, Weather, and Bird-finder modes
  • High-speed 48RPM operation
  • InstantOn™, ready in 16-25 seconds from power-on, instant from standby
  • MARPA target tracking, up to 10 targets (20 with dual range)*
  • Low electromagnetic emissions and radiation
  • Low power consumption with 12/24V operation
  • High reliability with solid-state electronics (no magnetron) and brushless motor
  • Ethernet connectivity



Humidity Range [rh] +40°C, 93% RH
Interconnection Cable 20m (65’)
Maximum Cable Length: 30m (98’)
Pulse Length / PRF Pulse length: 0.04µsec; Chirp length: 2-96µsec; Chirp Bandwidth: 2-32MHz; Up to 1 pulse and 5 chirps in a burst with burst repetition rate of 500-2000Hz. Range and mode dependent. Effective Pulse Compression Ratio less than 150 in all modes.
Other Features Automatic Harbour, Offshore, Weather, and Bird modes, Custom manual mode, MARPA, Dual Range, InstantON, Low power draw, Low electromagnetic emissions


Operating Temperature -25° to +55°C
Water Resistance IPX6
Diameter [mm] 1,068
Specified Standards FCC ID: RAYHALO
Emissions compliant to SM1541-4 (including -40dB/dec future design objectives)
Waterproof Standard/rating IEC60945-4
Product Height 448mm
Product Weight Unpacked System: 26.8kg / 59lb ±10%
Pedestal: 18.75kg / 41.5lb ±10%
Antenna 3ft: 4.1kg / 9.0lb ±10%
RI-12: 1.6kg / 3.5lb ±10%
20m (33ft) Cable: 2.3kg / 5.0lb ±10%


Synthesized - X-Band 9.410–9.495GHz
Antenna Horizontal Beam Width [deg] 2.4° ±10% (-3dB width), 2.1/1.9/1.6° with Beam Sharpening mode enabled (Low/Med/High)
Antenna Receiver Noise Figure [dB] 5
Antenna Rotation Speed Approx. 24-48RPM (min 20RPM at 70 knots)
Antenna Type Circulator and Isolator
Radar Mixer: MIC front-end
Antenna Vertical Beam Width 25° +20% (-3dB width)
RadarVibration 2-100Hz and 20G, 100,000 cycles
Radar Warm Up Time [minutes] 0


Ethernet 10/100 BaseT, NMEA2000/NMEA0183
Transmitter Power Output 25W ±10% under any transmit condition (up to 10% duty cycle max)


Radar Technology Radar Technology: Solid-state X-Band transceiver with Pulse Compression technology

Radar Transmitter: Solid-state module – at least 10 years or 10,000 hours lifetime

Radar Features Antenna Instrumented Range: 100m / 300ft to 48nm 

Antenna Motor: Brushless with solid-state commutation, electromagnetic braking for parking

Radiation Safe Distance: 100W/m2 (Occupational) at 0m - touch anywhere; 10W m2 (Public) measured at 0.28m/0.92ft. FCC CFR47 Part 2.1091 calculated public safe distance is 0.80m/2.6ft. (less than the swing circle of the antenna with either method).


Power Consumption 150W (peak in 70kt winds), 40W (average with zero wind velocity), 6.5W (standby)
Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 10.8V – 31.2V DC (12/24 Volt DC systems)